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The top 5 reasons why people choose Cosmetic Dentistry

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

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A survey conducted back in 2011 by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry was conducted to find out some of the top reasons why people choose cosmetic dentistry services. Many cosmetic dentists across the US participated in the survey so we can catch a glimpse of why choosing cosmetic dentistry might be right for you, too!

The results below haven’t changed since 2011 and are the same for patients all around the world..

The main reasons why people choose cosmetic dentistry:

  1. To improve their health.Studies have proved that decayed and badly cared for teeth and gums can wreak havoc on your overall health. As example, there are strong correlations between periodontal disease and several types of serious health conditions (i.e. diabetes, stroke, heart attack, respiratory disease, premature birth, digestive disorders, and pancreatic cancer). To have healthy teeth and gums, and therefore improved overall health is a must so many patients visit their Dentist to seek a referral or help cosmetically in order to restore their smiles, healthy smiles are important to overall health.
  2. To raise their self-esteem.Having a beautiful healthy smile must make you feel amazing right? The survey certainly agrees, it say that a great majority of patients opt for cosmetic dentistry services to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. A gorgeous smile with healthy perfect teeth goes a long way to restoring confidence..
  3. To improve their appearance. A smile filled with straight, white teeth can definitely be obtained by choosing the right type of cosmetic dentistry service/s. A beautiful healthy set of teeth can certainly improve appearance.
  4. To increase their professional success.Many people choose cosmetic dentistry to improve or increase their professional success. A great looking smile and improved confidence can be sure to increase self esteem, thereby giving you the confidence you need to land that job or get that promotion. It’s amazing what a great smile can do for your professional success.
  5. To improve their relationships.Many patients say how amazing it is that a great looking smile can improve your personal relationships. If your self-esteem and confidence are improved then this gives you that extra boost and can help you to feel comfortable at social gatherings or in personal situations. No longer do patients have to feel uptight and self-conscious about their unattractive smiles when taking pictures or talking with other people; cosmetic dentistry can improve relationships.

You may have your own reasons for seeking out cosmetic dentistry services above and beyond what is portrayed in this list– every patient is different.

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