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Implant Restorations

As an experienced dental implant laboratory we only offer the highest standard of dental implant restorations, made to complement whichever fixtures are in place.

Alumina, Zirconia, Titanium and Gold are all routinely used in the production of our implant supported restorations; with particular attention given to Bio-compatibility, form and function along with occlusion and aesthetics.

Most of the products we offer for cement retained implants are listed below

Cement retained Implants

  • Most of the products we offer for cement retained implants are listed below

    • Procera® CAD CAM implant crowns
    • Procera® CAD CAM implant bridge abutments
    • Procera® implant linked crowns
    • PFM Implant crowns
    • PFM Implant bridges
    • PFM Linked crowns


Screw retained Implants

  • Zirconia CAD CAM Implants crowns
  • Zirconia CAD CAM implant bridges
  • Procera® implant crowns
  • PFM Implant crowns
  • PFM Implant Bridges
  • PFM Linked crown
  • Dentsply Atlantis Crown abutment

Custom Implant abutments

  • Procera® Titanium CAD CAM custom abutments
  • Procera® Zirconia CAD CAM custom abutments
  • Smart Design Astra Atlantis CAD CAM abutments in Titanium, Gold shaded & Zirconia
  • Gold custom abutments
  • Modified preformed Zi abutments
  • Modified preformed Ti abutments

Surgical site Implant components

  • Radiographic stents
  • Surgical stents
  • Implant special trays

Precision Redefined

Introducting the Atlantis ISUS Compartis DENTSPLY Implant Supra Structures.

Implant Bars/Beams and bonded substructures can now be scanned and designed using the latest CAD CAM technology for ultimate precision and passive fit.

These implant bars and beams are available at both fixture and abutment level in Titanium or Cobalt Chrome.

Compartis ISUS provides the smart solution for almost every implant brand and platform.

(Full range of current platforms supported is available here) or for more information view PDF here

By adding ISUS Compartis CAD CAM to our range of restoration partners we are able to offer a solution for all implant bar and beam cases.

in September 2009 Ambridge Ceramics was one of the first laboratories in the UK to produce a full arch screw retained bonded implant bridge using the ISUS Compartis system.

for this full arch screw retained bridge ourselves and the surgeon decide ISUS was the way to go for many reason but high amogst them was the fact that the bridge itself was going to be quite big.

This would require a big substructure to support the porcelain correctly and we wanted to be sure it would be completely passive and porrosity free. If you look at the size of the cross section on some of the pontics below you’ll see why we avoided a cast framework.

The shear volume of alloy required for the above casting, fact there were 2 pontics cantilevered from the last implant along with the very high chance of porosity or casting stresses made us ask if there was a better way.

We wanted maximum strength, stability and passivity, ISUS provided the answer!

Added to the fact this was the very best substructure available, the lack of expensive alloy meant that the final bridge also saved the surgeon and patient over £500.

Freedom of design

There is a fantastic range of Implant bar and beam designs available from ISUS Compartis CAD CAM along with the possibility to produce a copy milled structure. Working along with the design team we can find a solution to some of your toughest cases.

(To see a range of design images click here)


One of the best features of this fantastic new CAD CAM system is the ability for us to share the fully interactive 3D image (the same advantage we have with our Atlantis abutment solution for single implants) with our surgeon or lab partner to ensure that we are all happy with the design proposition before proceeding to milling.

With complete freedom of movement and the ability to add or remove components from the digital model, it allows us a much clearer way to see all aspect of the design and communicate any design changes or concerns we have. All before any expensive components have been ordered.

This is such an important factor that in our opinion it should be the industry standard! Why should you be limited and have to send your bar and hope for the best? Surely it makes sense to be presented with all the information so you can have more input into the final design?
These files are completely self contained within the emails we send so there’s no extra software to install. Simply click on the file emailed to you and mark up any design changes you’d like to see or give us a call and we can look at the same case together!

Once we have the perfect CAD/CAM implant structure, we recommend visio.lign as the perfect veneering material to finish the case for a beautiful, long lasting and maintainable smile for your patients.

From a difficult anterior crown to fullCast Implant Bars, we are dental implant and veneer experts. We have a wealth of experience with implant cases from the simple to the very complex cases which require a lot of creativity and communication between us and yourself.

Always happy to discuss the planning of any implants case you are considering undertaking. So for those who recognise and appreciate excellence, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Or download our lab cards and postage labels to send a case today!