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Implant Restorations

Being a highly experienced award winning Dental Implant Laboratory, we only offer the highest standard of dental implant restorations, made to complement the vast choice of surgical fixtures chosen.

Zirconia, Titanium and much rarer these days Gold alloys are all used in the production of our implant supported restorations with particular attention given to bio-compatibility, form and function along with occlusion and aesthetics.


Cement retained implant restorations are now made on CAD CAM Titanium Customised Abutments, these can be anodised to a rich golden colour to improve aesthetics in thin scalloped tissue cases.
Most of the products we offer for cement retained implants are listed below:
Multi-Layer Hi-translucent Zirconia CAD CAM Crowns, Bridges and Linked Crowns.
PFM hand layered Crowns, Bridges and Linked Crowns.
All Ceramic, e.Max/LiSi Crowns and Bridges
Hybrid ceramic crowns
HIPC Implant crowns and bridges.


Screw retained implant units have always been popular with our clients for many reasons but the main advantage is the lack of cementation needed at fit, which negates any associated risks of retained cement debris causing sub-gingival infection issues later on.

At Ambridge Ceramics, we believe that CAD/CAM restorations ensure the best clinical results when designing and producing implant sub structures.

Historically, as these structures were milled from a solid block of material, this meant that there was no easily available solution to the emergence of the access hole. However recently the screw access hole is no longer a problem in certain situations where the emergence angle leaves the hole coming through the aesthetic face of the crowns.
We now offer Angle Correction or by its proper name ‘Angulated Screw Channel’ on access holes for both single and multiple unit cases. It is now possible to offer angle corrected screw retained CAD/CAM crowns on most of the popular implant systems:
Zirconia CAD CAM Implants crowns
Zirconia CAD CAM implant bridges
Procera® implant crowns
PFM Implant crowns
PFM Implant Bridges
PFM Linked crown
Dentsply Atlantis Crown abutment


Whether it is your first or fiftieth custom abutment, a complex implant beam, or denture retaining bar, rest assured it will be given the full attention of our highly skilled, award winning dental implant team at Ambridge Ceramics.

As part of our commitment to digital dentistry, we are a very experienced partner with most CADCAM milling of all platforms for implant retained bars.
Majority of the products we offer for cement retained implants are listed below:
PFM Implant crowns and bridges
All Ceramic/Zirconia Implant crowns and bridges
Smart CAD/CAM Implant crowns and bridges
Hybrid Ceramic crowns
Composite Implant crowns and bridges.


Titanium CAD/CAM custom abutments
Zirconia CAD/CAM custom abutments
Smart Design CAD/CAM abutments in titanium, gold shaded and Zirconia
Gold alloy custom abutments
Modified preformed Zi abutments
Modified preformed Ti abutments.


Radiographic stents
3D printed Surgical guides
Implant special trays.

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