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Implant Guides

Ambridge Ceramics are delighted to be the first and the only UK authorised manufacturer of surgical implant guides for Blue Sky Bio. We have invested in this digital process to provide dentists and patients with a simpler, faster, and more economical dental process to encourage improved patient experience.

Our new 3D printing capability completes the process to provide dentists with a complete end to end solution that can be adopted under one workflow. By simply engaging Ambridge Ceramics we can assist with the whole process.

Ambridge Ceramics facilitate the designing and 3D printing of these surgical guides giving the Dentist a one stop process for delivering accurate and precise surgical guides, saving time and money.


Providing dental implant surgery for your patients is precise work that requires a high level of planning and attention to detail to ensure long-term success and stability. Surgical implant guides not only provide you with peace of mind, they also help to build patient trust in the work you provide, leading to higher treatment uptake.

At Ambridge Ceramics, we are pleased to offer surgical implant guides for many of our clients. We work closely with you using our advanced technology to create dental implant guides that help you provide an expert level of care each and every time.


Digital surgical guides can be completely designed in the Blue Sky Plan Software and then sent directly to our 3D printer for printing. Guides can be fabricated for all implant systems and all guided surgical kits, so there is no need for dentists to change their system.

Blue Sky Plan® is a free, feature rich, treatment planning software for surgical implant planning and computer guided surgery, so no upfront expense is incurred. The program is downloadable for PC and Mac and is proven to be a comprehensive and robust system which is adopted by dental implantologists all around the world.
The benefits for the dentist and patient of 3D digital imaging are vast and include:
Visualising internal anatomy that cannot be diagnosed externally
Planning treatment and surgery
Assessing risks and preparing the necessary guides
A faster, safer dental procedure.


Blue Sky Bio was founded over 15 years ago by practitioners, engineers and designers to create top quality, compatible implants and accessories at a reasonable cost. Today, their mission remains the same. 

Their implant lines boast a number of new design innovations that simplify implant placement and restoration while adding levels of safety, success, and reliability for dentists and patients around the globe. 

In 2009, Blue Sky Bio made a commitment to the future of dentistry with Blue Sky Plan®, the treatment planning and guided surgery software, and offer it to users at no cost.  The free app has been developed for both Mac and PC to help dentists present and explain dental procedures to patients, providing an increased positive patient experience and outcome.

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