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The advantages of stackable dental surgical implant guides by Ambridge Ceramics

Monday, 13 November 2023

Stackable implant guides, by Ambridge Ceramics, are a digitally designed and 3D printed system consisting of 3 to 4 interlocking components per arch. These guides are renowned for their exceptional precision and use-ability, particularly in full arch, immediate loaded implant surgery cases from FP1, FP2 & FP3.

Let’s look closer.........

1. Modular Efficiency: The modular nature of stackable guides is a game-changer, each part comes with a series of interlocking pins, making location and progression through the treatment supremely accurate.

2. Meticulous Precision: The interlocking design of these guides ensures perfect alignment between components, this alignment translates into remarkably accurate implant placements, minimising room for error and enhancing overall surgical outcomes.

3. Time-Saving Precision: In today's fast-paced dental practice, time is a precious resource. Stackable guides streamline the surgical process, leading to reduced chair time and improved patient comfort.

4. Optimized Patient Experience: The precision and efficiency offered by stackable surgical implant guides result in an improved patient experience, minimally invasive procedures and shorter recovery times contribute to higher patient satisfaction rates.

5. Versatile: Stackable guides are not limited to full arch implant surgeries, they can be used in a range of complex implant placement procedures.

6. Tailored Solutions: Ambridge Ceramics, always a front runner in digital dentistry, harnesses the power of digital design and 3D printing to create stackable implant guides. This innovative approach allows for highly customised solutions that cater to the unique needs of each patient.

In summary, stackable dental surgical implant guides signify a significant leap forward in implant dentistry, characterised by their precision and efficiency.

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