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Team AC does the Spartan Race

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Spartan 2013.013


We're incredibly proud of the team for taking on the challenge of The Spartan Race Yorkshire 2013.

It's a fun challenge and it was fantastic to see the team soak it all up and come out of the other side raring for more.

We always knew we had a great team but the effort and support they showed to each other on this challenge really showed what a great team they are,

Our friend Sarah Glover was there as an Ambridge Ceramics Spartan Racer showing that anything a technician can do, a dentist can match. Not only did Sarah get the finishers medal & Spartan T Shirt, she was luck enough to leave with an exclusive Ambridge Ceramics Spartan Racer Vest!

So, what was it like? We've got a few snapshots from the day to help tell the story

For many of these pictures we must thank Richard Egan, Melissa Duncan, Adam Glassford and anyone else who helped us capture some fantastic memories of our fun in the mud.

Here was the team before the start, all ready and raring to go.

Team AC Start


When we got to the start we were given a little warm up from this Spartan, after his rousing speech there was no stopping us, right up until the first of the 3 very steep hills that is....



There were a few nasty sprains, twists and cuts on the day though, We think Mark Ambridge wins with this beauty (the split eyebrow might just help add to the winner)

Spartan arm injury Mark A

Although this was closely followed by Sean Easey who was walking on an ankle the size of a balloon.
Dr. Sarah Glover from Birdgate Dental in Pickering was also a member of the AC Spartan team and doing a great job of flying the flag for adventurous dental surgeons out there, she was even smiling all the way through it as you can see below.
Sarah Glover Spartan
Our newest member of the team Jack Gleave however, seemed to be wondering what he's let himself in for when he joined us, but don't let the picture fool you, he was loving the day and is now looking for the next challenge to take on!
Jack Gleave Spartan
We were incredibly fortunate that one of our oldest friends is not only a very skilled technician over at Egan Dental Laboratory, he's also a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and decided to pop along and capture a few images for us, which is why we have these excellent pictures that captured the moment so well from the day.
Here's just a few of the fantastic pictures her captured (including the 2 above of Jack and Sarah)
Amanda & Natalie showing determination.
Natalie and Amanda
Lee hanging around.
Lee Nichols Spartan
Sean's missed his casting in Rambo.
Sean Easey Spartan
Mark, who was already carrying the cut eye and injured arm by this point
Mark Ambridge Spartan
Iain just loving the mud.
Iain Baldwin SPartan
Ange claimed to hate the mud but seems to be having a ball here.
Angela Kelly Spartan
There's far too many images to fill up this blog so we have posted them all on our FB page in our Spartan Album which you can view here.
Do you fancy joining us on next years challenge? let us know at

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