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Investing in our future

Monday, 29 April 2013

We have always believed that the only way to offer our surgeons the very best in quality and value is to stay at the leading edge or technology.

As we have continued to invest in new equipment, technology and training we have hit a bit of a problem. We needed more room to house it all!
Mark has recently had a re design that allows us more room to accommodate our 2 newest team members (Andrius and Lauren) so that we can drive our standards and service levels even higher.
We now have 2 dedicated CAD/CAM stations (with room for the latest scanner that is still to come)
Add along with the scanners we see here there's also the Procera scanner along with a backup storage unit and central CAD file storage drive, and one of our hubs that brings this section of the network together with our other systems in the porcelain department. There's also a wireless storage unit here for connection to the iPad's, but I'll cover them in a bit....
And all of this is at the far end of the new behemoth of a bench that we've affectionately named the Battleship, and here she was on Sunday when just finished.
And here it is in all it's working glory!
But this is only one side of the story. Our ceramists have also been enjoying the fruits of a huge investment too.
All our ceramists now have their own ipad on which the can view all the patient images that as sent in to us. When we are asking for digital photographs of the patient, this is the reason.
Using the crisp, clear and vibrant screens of their ipads the ceramists can really see the detail in your photography, and transfer that into their restorations for you. Up until now we had to share a couple of monitors that were of a good enough quality to display the detail in these images but now it's always there as they work.
On top of this we have also purchase the very best ceramic furnaces available to ensure the cramics do not lose any vitality and clarity when they are fired.
The black furnace on the right is a Dekema Oral Design Furnace, they simply don't get any better.
And of course all this technology and equipment is reliant upon the very best asset we have, some of the most talented and dedicated technicians in the UK.
Of course all this technology and equipment has a very clear purpose, we don't just have it because it's cool (although it definitely is)
The Wireless server that was next door in the CAD department stores images and files that any of the ceramists can access at any time, along with a private network that allows us to share information amongst the group instantly, ensuring we have as close to perfect communication on all our cases as possible,
This is certainly a laboratory you would be happy to send your patients to, we get great feedback from patients that have seen just what we do in the lab and the level of technology involved.
We have even more exciting developments in the pipeline and will update over the coming weeks.

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