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Dental work, nothing to fear..

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Many men and women in the UK live with dental problems such as cracked, yellow, worn, chipped or damaged teeth. Many report it negatively affects their life and demises their confidence, so why are people not doing something about it? Is it really about the cost? Or maybe fear, pain or change? If this sounds familiar to you, then you know that sometimes a perfect smile seems like a distant dream.

Dentistry has moved on in leaps and bounds in the past few years and most dentists have vast experience in delivering patient solutions to combat the challenges. Most Dentists offer payment plans to deal with financial issues, sedation to combat fear and pain and even work with other professionals such as NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners to overcome anxiety and fear.

Untreated teeth can often deteriorate and will generally result in an emergency appointment and treatment that may not be in line with your desired outcome.

As the patient you have choices of what action you take and when you take it.

If you decide to take action, here are some ideas of what you may wish to consider:

If you are missing teeth, a dental implant is almost always worth considering, not only will it provide you with the outcome of a solid stable tooth and its proven to boost your self-esteem while getting rid of the potential gap in your smile. It will also prevent jaw bone loss down the line and you should always try to avoid that.

If you are not missing teeth, but you don’t feel your teeth are in great shape, consult with your Dentist as what can be achieved is truly amazing. For instance veneers are truly a modern dental miracle. You can literally walk out of your Dentists practise with a perfect smile.

Veneers are often a less expensive option than crowns or dental implants, and the results are pretty astounding.

Ask your Dentist to see some before and after photos of real patients.

So what is a veneer?

Dental veneers are custom-made, paper-thin shells of porcelain that are cemented onto the fronts of teeth to drastically change the appearance of your smile. They can be finished in a few weeks and, once placed, they literally require no recovery time. You can stop by, get a brand new smile, and head back to work, literally. They are long-lasting with proper dental hygiene, and they look and feel like natural teeth.

Ambridge Ceramics is a Dental laboratory, we make veneers, part of the implants, crowns, bridges and other products such as mouth guards. We work closely alongside Dentists to ensure you get your desired outcome and have the best possible experience. Ask your Dentist if you can meet and consult with the Technician making your teeth, they will be more than happy to facilitate a meeting in order to enable to best possible results.

For further information or to work with Ambridge Ceramics Dental laboratory or to find out the Dentists we work with please contact us on or call 01765 607347

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