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Dental Veneers explained

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Everyone knows a smile is one of the most important elements of human face and with a smile, teeth, play the key role. Whether you have problems with your teeth or you simply strive for the perfect smile how do you know what your options are. So where do you start, there are a myriad of different treatments in today’s market all promising to present teeth in desired shape, colour and position. It’s not to understand the differences between them and which procedure is right for you. We recommend you speak with your Dentist, they will take into consideration the condition of your teeth, your desired result and the treatments available to you.

One popular treatments undergone by people around the world is dental veneers. As terminology can be alien and confusing it is not always clear what each treatment entails. In this article you can learn more about this procedure.

Dental Veneers:
Dental veneer is made using a porcelain or composite material and gives a treatment much more around the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, many view this procedure as a “smile makeover”. Imagine a veneer as a cover or shell for damaged teeth. Veneers were developed to improve the visual appearance of teeth or to save existing damaged teeth from further deterioration, however in recent years veneers have been placed over healthy teeth, which is not recommended due to the procedure. If you have small gaps or problems with tooth enamel or issues with your teeth surfaces then veneers are a good solution. It is important that if you are considering Dental veneer treatment it can be expensive but as if not more important it is irreversible as the teeth underneath the veneer is permanently altered to allow the veneers to be fit. On the other hand dental veneer treatment involves fewer sittings with dentist. Some of the major benefits of dental veneers are:

  • Less time in the Dentist chair and fewer visits
  • There is less preparation as it doesn’t involve high amounts of tooth reduction during the procedure.
  • Dental veneers are great option for people with fragmented teeth, rough teeth positioning and teeth with cracks.
  • Dental veneers can be matched to the appropriate shade to match skin tone and eye whites as they are available in different shades. As they are a complete covering of top/bottom teeth you can choose a lighter shade than your natural teeth if you so wish.

Although veneers are extremely wearable and generally secure they are non-repairable and some reports show that they can cause your existing teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold food. There are even chances for dental veneers to become loose, while in the case of dental implants they make a permanent immovable solution to teeth problems. Dental implant and Dental veneer procedures are meant for different purposes but looking at their usability and reliability, Dental implants are a better solution, both however are irreversible (although they can both be replaced) so need careful consideration and consultation with your Dentist.

Before and after results vary, here is an example of work provided by Ambridge Ceramics.

 Before                                         After

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