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Atlantis Titanium Screw Retained Crowns are available to our clients prior to official UK launch

Monday, 30 June 2014

In the recent months many of our surgeons have been benefitting from the biological advantages of our porcelain fused to titanium implant crowns.

We have been working as a Beta lab providing these in advance of the official UK and European launch later this year.

Together we have catalogued many of these cases and they will be released after the official UK launch later this year but can give sneak preview of some of our work here.

One of the cases was this one we produced for Dr Papadopoulos where he had created the emergence profile that he wanted copying and captured that using a custom pickup which we could copy when producing the final crown.

The results have been brilliant, with our ceramic team relishing the challenges of working with the new materials to produce some beautiful screw retained implant crowns with the advantage of being milled from a biocompatible material.
With this in mind we design the abutments to leave titanium against the tissues sub gingivally to ensure maximum biocompatibility and reduced risk of any tissue irritation by composite or ceramic material being deep sub gingival, which if not finished and polished correctly could attract plaque and lead to future complications..
By using using the Atlantis custom milled titanium abutments we can continue to ensure the quality and reassurance that comes from the leading worldwide provider of milled custom abutments, along with a comprehensive warranty covering both the abutment and fixture that it is restored upon.

In addition to the clinical benefits there is a significant cost saving to using these clinically superior crowns, for example you could be wasting well over £100 per fixture compared to a traditional cast screw retained crown, as shown below.

Atlantis CAD Screw vs. Traditional Pricing Astra.002
Atlantis CAD Screw vs. Traditional Pricing Astra.003

It could be surprising to see how much your traditional screw retained crowns are costing you.

Atlantis CAD Screw vs. Traditional Pricing Astra.004

Traditional cast gold methods



Or much more on larger molar cases where more metal is needed to support the porcelain work.



But with Atlantis CAD/CAM Screw Retained Implant Crowns you have the benefit of consistent cost effective pricing, regardless of the size of the crown.

CAD Screw vs. Traditional Pricing Astra.009

CAD Screw vs. Traditional Pricing Astra.010

CAD Screw vs. Traditional Pricing Astra.012

With this being an Atlantis milled titanium abutment you also have the benefit of their market leading milling quality that is backed by a lifetime warranty on both the abutment and the fixture it is restoring.
Clinically superior and consistently cost effective.
We have been working with Atlantis from it's initial launch in the UK and have more information on all the benefits of this system on our Atlantis abutment page
At this stage we cannot share much more of our Beta work but are very excited about the big launch in September when this will be available throughout the UK.
It's been both an honour and a privelage to have early access to this new technology, with all the benefits it brings our clients ad their patients.
If you would like a price comparisson for your implant system or would like to offer porcelain fused to titanium screw retained crowns to your patients then please give us a call on 01765 607347 or email
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