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Atlantis titanium crown abutments now available from Ambridge Ceramics

Monday, 14 October 2013

There's nothing worse than having a secret you cannot talk about, and due to a number of Beta programs we are currently running with our partners in the lab we find ourselves with lots of secrets to keep.

Which is why it's a great relief to finally be able to talk about the Atlantis titanium crown abutments that we have been working on in the lab in Beta trials with Atlantis abutments and Dentsply implants.

Atlantis Logo

For many years there has been a struggle to get a good aesthetic result and stable bond to titanium which is why most labs have tended to stay with the bonding alloys or chrome which we know well and avoid the potential for aesthetic issues that early titanium bonding systems could produce.

However, when it comes to implants there is undoubtedly an advantage to using titanium as the substructure materials for our bonded crowns, and during our in house testing we have been getting fantastic results with the Duceram Kiss porcelain which has been specially developed for fusing to titanium which ensures beautiful aesthetics and a strong stable bond.

Atlantis abutments, which are supplied by Dentsply implants have up until now only been available as a crown abutment (meaning a nucleus design that is intended to have ceramic layered and fired directly onto it, rather than a cement retained crown) in zirconia, which although a good materials is not what we prefer to use in the molar region for our implant crowns.

Kiss ceramic was not the only system we were trialling on on these cases (although the results with this have been very impressive) we also have another system as we want to really test these new abutments and see if we can generate any problems. We will share more on the other ceramic systems once we have some images ready to publish.

Maximum strength & biocompatibility

For us this is a very exciting day, we now are able to offer our surgeons the opportunity to use the most biocompatible material available when restoring their implants, with the confidence of a great aesthetic result and bond strength as our tests have so far shown no negative outcomes.

This is how the new atlantis titanium crown abutment comes back to the lab.

You can see on the case that this is indeed a milled Atlantis titanium crown abutment.

Atlantis titanium crown abutment and case

We used the 3D editor in the Atlantis WebOrder to ensure we had the support and design we wanted for the final crown, which you can see in the images below.

Atlantis Titanium crown abutment Crown

Atlantis titanium crown abutment

Cost efficient

The other great news is that we can offer the new titanium bonded screw retained crowns at the same cost as our screw retained chrome units, which on average also save the surgeon £80 compared to traditional cast gold screw retained crowns.

No compromise

Once again we are managing to utilise CAD/CAM to deliver a restoration that is of a higher quality and biocompatibility to the traditional cast and also offer a saving purely on the efficiency and consistency that CAD/CAM technology offers us. This new option to our clients ties in perfectly with our belief in delivering excellence and avoiding all compromise.

Final result



If you would like to offer Titanium bonded implant restorations to your patients then get in touch with Sean on 01765 607347 and he will get all the details to you or email

This year has been very exciting as we have continued to deliver many improved restorative solutions for our clients, and we will soon be able to share even more of the projects that we have secretly been working on here at the lab.

It feels so much better to finally be able to let that one out of the bag!


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