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Atlantis can't do 'fluted' emergence profile? Yes it can!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011
Something we are hearing from people is that Atlantis can't do 'fluted' emergence profiles?
But it can!
I think that where most of the problems come in is that the Atlantis system is treated as a hands off system by many new users, this is not the way to get the very best from the Atlantis system.
By Hands off I mean that many technicians are not checking the 2D design email, let alone opening the 3D viewer or Editor interface, and are instead completely trusting the whole design to a technician in the Atlantis production centre.
By doing so the technician misses the opportunity to have the kind of input that tailors the abutment designs to match their surgeons specific preferences, the very service that makes the relationship between surgeons and their technicians so important.
Astra Tech have provided a fantastic suite of viewer and editor tools to allow the technician to completely customise their abutment design.
We have complete control of exactly how the final Atlantis abutment will look, which is exactly the same as any other custom abutment we would make in the laboratory.
The trick is simply knowing how to use the tools properly.
If you look at the images below you will see how we have completely dictated the profile of the abutments emergence and just how much compensation we have made to the position of the abutment itself.
Atlantis emergence profile
Astra Atlantis provide the very best CAD/CAM custom abutment solutions for multiple implant platforms that we have ever used!
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