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Article on Atlantis CAD/CAM duplicates published in USA

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The article we created along with Dr Tim Doswell on the Atlantis duplicate technique (which was originally published in the EDI Journal and Implant Dentistry Today) is being re published online and in print in the USA.

Well done Tim!

In the article (which was originally printed in Implant Dentistry Today, and the the European EDI Journal) Tim and the team from the lab showed how you can use the unique benefits of the advanced Atlantis CAD/CAM milling service to create an exact duplicate of the final abutment.
By having this exact duplicate (milled from titanium also, which means  either abutment can be fitted in the mouth) you can choose to design your abutment from an impresssion taken immediately at implant placement, and design the optimal soft tissue contour you wish to have.
So when the implant is ready to uncover, instead of fitting a healing abutment you place the Atlantis CAD/CAM abutment with a temp crown that has been designed to be very light in occlusion.
You then keep the original model and simply tell the lab to proceed to making the final crown (without having to take any more implant impressions) once you have reviewed the soft tissue healing weeks later.
The lab simply uses the original model and the duplicate abutment to make the crown, and because Atlantis CAD/CAM abutments are milled to such an exacting high standard the crown you made will transfer over to the abutment in the crown perfectly!
There's obviously many more steps and images to show the technique, but they are in the article and too deatailed to cover here.
You can contact Tim about his technique or article here

Or contact us at the lab and we will send you over a pdf copy of it to read.
Astra Duplicate screenshot

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