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Tuesday, 16 September 2014
The team at Ambridge Ceramics have been working together with our surgeons for over a year on the Pre launch for the official UK release of Dentsply Implants Atlantis porcelain fused to titanium screw retained crown units prior to their official launch at the end of 2014.
We are proud to confirm that some of this work will be presented at the EAO in Rome from the 25th to the 27th September 2014
The cases selected had the planning, implant placement and final crown delivery by both Dr Tim Doswell and Dr Kostas Papadopoulos and the laboratory stages were carried out by Lee Nichols & Steve campbell in the CAD design, then milled by Atlantis in Sweden. The ceramic crowns were made by both Mark Ambridge and Jack Gleave who layered these with Creation Ti ceramic. The composite layering was carried out by Iain Baldwin using the Visiolign system from Bredent.
These cases will be highlighting both the clinical and financial advantages of moving to these new implant crowns, regardless of which materia you choose to layer onto the biocompatible titanium crown abutment.
It's a great opportunity for us as a British Bite Mark laboratory to show the leading work that the UK dental profession can produce using the latest CADCAM technology and using the skills and knowledge of an experienced team.
This early involvement with Dentsply implants has meant that clients of Ambridge Ceramics have been the first in the UK to offer their patients the benefits and proven aesthetics of porcelain fused to metal crowns but with the benefit of the substructure being titanium, which is proven to have higher biocompatibility than cast alloys or chrome.
As always, by using the latest CAD/CAM milling solutions we are able to ensure that not only are these crowns clinically superior to those previously available, they are also more cost effective, showing that when CADCAM technology is combined with the skill of the technicians in a British Bite Mark laboratory the results can be ideal for the patients.
There is still some confusion over how these modern techniques are more cost effective so we've tried to break it down below to show a comparisson of the old cast techniques vs. the new CADCAM milled titanium structures offered by Dentsply Atlantis.
The reason for the confusion is that traditional pricing is actually quite confusing. You need to combine all the lab costs, alloy and then the separate billing for the components needed to make the crown from the implant companies, and this bill will usually arrive separately from the work as it's ordered on your account and billed on the day the implant company sends it to the lab.
This leaves your admin team with alot of separate bills to tie up. Here's an example of the true cost of an traditional screw retained implant crown.
So when all the costs are combined, it's pretty expensive! And that is using either casting alloy or cast chrome, neither of which are as biocompatible as the titanium option Dentsply Atlantis crowns offer.So here's how the costs break down on the new Atlantis titanium crowns.

And we were deliberately conservative on the calculations of alloy required for the conventional screw retained crown in order to offer as fair a comparison as possible. The truth is that many cases are actually larger and this impacts the case costs considerably, as shown below.
In fact on average we save our clients around £140 per implant crown we restore using Dentsply Atlantis titanium Crowns, which can soon add up to alot of money saved a year. It's also a simple consistent cost regardless of your implant system, so you always know what the total cost of restoring your implants will be when quoting your patients.
Now you may not necessarily want to spend that saved £7000 on a watch, it was just an example of where your wasted money could have gone. But the key point is that this cost saving per implant quickly adds up to a substantial sum of money, which is better in your bank than the implant manufacturer and alloys companies.As a British Bite Mark laboratory we are always pushing to ensure our clients get the very best in quality and service. Using the latest technology provided by proven industry leading partners we have continually shown that this doesn't have to cost you any more, in fact we have always brought a significant cost saving to our clients with all the CADCAM services we have developed at the lab.

The titanium screw retained crowns will be officially available to the UK late 2014 but we will continue to offer this and many other unique solutions to our clients up until their official launch date.

For more information or to order your screw retained implant crowns you can either contact us by email or Call Sean on 01765 607347.

You can also download our labcards and postage labels directly from here and send your case into us.

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