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A new chrome milling Service for Dental Wings!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Finally, we can talk about one of our latest projects!

After investing in the Dental Wings Scanning System we soon became very frustrated at the lack of a UK milling centre that could produce chrome copings for ceramic bonding. So, we decided to actively do something about it.

After much internet searching and attending many engineering trade shows we found what we hoped would be the perfect milling partner, a partner that could produce what a modern dental laboratory needed.
What we eventually found was an excellent team, who not only produced the best milled units of any company we had sent our test files to (Europe included) they also had the attitude we love.
Nothing is a problem for these guys, if there's an issue they rewrite their own software or even produce new a modified machine to give the results required.They build their own 6 axis milling capability machines, every single element, which allows complete control over the final outcome. If something doesn't work for the specific item it was designed to make they redesign and rebuild it, and these are not small machines!

To see them in action reminds me of so many of the best laboratories I have visited and the great technicians I've met, true problem solvers, capable of approaching those problems from new angles and having the ability to do whatever it takes to get the perfect result.

Keeping this a secret has been very difficult, especially as it has taken so much of our time and effort, plus the team have been really excited about sharing the results.

Here are some images taken yesterday while we were running last minute tests at their workshop.

The technical team at the milling company are a fantastic group of very sharp problem solvers, who after working out the potential issues are ready to commit to a completely new milling centre, dedicated solely to dental products right here in the UK.
Hopefully, in the near future they will be willing to introduce other products to meet the requests of their client laboratories.
This means that we can now produce CAD/CAM frameworks right here in the UK with the Dental Wings system.
How does all this help you ?Astra Atlantis:

As you will no doubt be aware, one of the major advantages of the Atlantis abutment and Dental Wings partnership is the ability to have an Atlantis Core file returned to us while the abutment is being milled.

This means that we can design the framework and have it in production before we have recieved the abutment from Atlantis!

Both abutment and coping or framework can the be received by the lab on the same day. No longer will there be any need to wait for the abutment to come back only to have to scan again and then design a framework, losing valuable time to work on the final case in the laboratory.

To begin with the service will be open to all users of the Dental Wings system who would like chrome cobalt PFM copings and frameworks.

Here are some examples of just how fantastic the milling quality is!


And, YES, these are straight off the machine!

If you would like more information on the service then please email: or call us on 01765 607347 and ask for Mark or Oliver

We believe that this is a very exciting time for CADCAM in the UK and we're delighted to have helped make this new service a reality for Dental Wings users.

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