The SmartGuideSystem

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Originally posted  – 14 July 2018

What is the Smart Guide System (SGS)? 

Download the manual here:

SmartGuidSystems PDF

The SGS consists of a digitally planned and designed, 3D printed, implant surgical guide complete with a CADCAM, PMMA multilayer shaded, screw-retained provisional crown or healing abutment.

Why use the Smart Guide System?

The SGS can save you time by reducing the appointments needed when restoring with implants, as you can place a provisional on the day of surgery. Using SGS will help condition the tissue around the implant site into an ideal gingival shape for the definitive restoration.

How does it work?

  1. You send the patient for a CT scan, STL, or impression.
  2. Send the information into Ambridge Ceramics. Call us now and we will collect.
  3. We will design both the surgical guide and the screw-retained restoration.
  4. You check and adjust the design on Blue Sky Plan (we’ll show you how).
  5. Five days later you have a guide and restoration and/or healing abutment to fit on the day of surgery.
  • Blue Sky Plan is treatment planning software for computer-guided surgery, developed and distributed by Blue Sky Bio. Ambridge Ceramics is the only UK authorised laboratory or the production of guides through Blue Sky Plan.