Ambridge Ceramics presents at ADi National Focus Meeting November 2014

16 December 2014 Categories: Uncategorized

This year the focus was on Digital Dentistry and the growing use of CAD/CAM restorative solutions within implant dentistry.

We’d like to firstly thank everyone for the fantastic feedback and positive comments on the day, but also present a few of the key slides again here as they answer the most common questions that came to us after the presentation.

There is so much information entering the profession regarding the developments of Digital Dentistry and CAD/CAM but unfortunately this does seem to leave some confusion over some key benefits, and exactly why the move to Digital or CAD/CAM can be so beneficial when restoring implants.

Below are a few questions we received and we will try to provide as clear an answer as we can, based upon our years of experience with a very wide range of  CAD/CAM system, services and partners out there.


Is CAD/CAM really more accurate?

This recent study again confirms that the fit of CAD/CAM structures (both Zr and Ti tested here) were significantly better than that of cast frameworks, the results of this study are below:-

The microgap between the Zirconia beam and the abutments was between 10-26 μm,

The microgap between the Titanium beam and abutments was between 6-18 μm,

The ‘misfit’ of the Cast metal beam was between 181-301 μm.