Why Choose Ambridge Ceramics As Your Digital Dentistry Partner

Ambridge Ceramics has been a pioneer in the field of Digital Dentistry since the 1990s. As one of the earliest dental laboratories in the UK to embrace digital technology, we have consistently invested in cutting-edge equipment and software. Our journey began with the adoption of Sirona In-Lab, encompassing in-house scanning, design, and milling capabilities.

Over the years, we have maintained our commitment to innovation by integrating state-of-the-art technologies such as Nobel Biocare's Forte (touch) Scanner, Dental Wings, DOF Swing, and most recently, 3Shapes D2000, E4, E2 scanners, EXOCAD, and 3Shape Dental Design modules, among others. Our extensive experience covers a wide range of software and hardware combinations.

Our dedication to excellence has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards in the UK, including accolades for Best Private Laboratory, Full Arch on Implants, and Full Smile Makeovers. These achievements underscore our exceptional pedigree and expertise in the field.

Notably, Ambridge Ceramics is among the select few accredited laboratories in the UK authorized to work with Blue Sky Bio in producing Implant Surgical Guides. Additionally, we introduced the groundbreaking Atlantis CADCAM Abutment System, contributing to the advancement of dental technology.

If you've recently invested in an IOS for your practice or are in search of a dependable dental laboratory partner, we invite you to get in touch with Ambridge Ceramics.

The advantages of stackable dental surgical implant guides by Ambridge Ceramics

Stackable implant guides, by Ambridge Ceramics, are a digitally designed and 3D printed system consisting of 3 to 4 interlocking components per arch. These guides are renowned for their exceptional precision and use-ability, particularly in full arch, immediate loaded implant surgery cases from FP1, FP2 & FP3.

Let’s look closer.........

1. Modular Efficiency: The modular nature of stackable guides is a game-changer, each part comes with a series of interlocking pins, making location and progression through the treatment supremely accurate.

2. Meticulous Precision: The interlocking design of these guides ensures perfect alignment between components, this alignment translates into remarkably accurate implant placements, minimising room for error and enhancing overall surgical outcomes.

3. Time-Saving Precision: In today's fast-paced dental practice, time is a precious resource. Stackable guides streamline the surgical process, leading to reduced chair time and improved patient comfort.

4. Optimized Patient Experience: The precision and efficiency offered by stackable surgical implant guides result in an improved patient experience, minimally invasive procedures and shorter recovery times contribute to higher patient satisfaction rates.

5. Versatile: Stackable guides are not limited to full arch implant surgeries, they can be used in a range of complex implant placement procedures.

6. Tailored Solutions: Ambridge Ceramics, always a front runner in digital dentistry, harnesses the power of digital design and 3D printing to create stackable implant guides. This innovative approach allows for highly customised solutions that cater to the unique needs of each patient.

In summary, stackable dental surgical implant guides signify a significant leap forward in implant dentistry, characterised by their precision and efficiency.

So You Have Gone Digital, Now What?

We have put together this helpful guide on “how to send your digital scans to Ambridge Ceramics". We hope you find it useful. We are always on hand to advise, so please feel free to contact the team.


Option 1

Option 2


Option 1

Option 2


Select “Find a Lab” option on your scanner, search for Ambridge Ceramics & “Add” 


Log in to Cerec Connect at www.sirona-connect.com


Option 1

Option 2

Medit i500

Log into www.meditlink.com with the administrator account

Do you have larger DICOM/CT files for surgical guides?

Upload your DICOM files by clicking the button below.


Send to email: info@ambridgeceramics.com

Add your email as sender, drag & drop the files you wish to share and click send.

The SmartGuideSystem

Originally posted  - 14 July 2018

What is the Smart Guide System (SGS)? 

Download the manual here:

SmartGuidSystems PDF

The SGS consists of a digitally planned and designed, 3D printed, implant surgical guide complete with a CADCAM, PMMA multilayer shaded, screw-retained provisional crown or healing abutment.

Why use the Smart Guide System?

The SGS can save you time by reducing the appointments needed when restoring with implants, as you can place a provisional on the day of surgery. Using SGS will help condition the tissue around the implant site into an ideal gingival shape for the definitive restoration.

How does it work?

  1. You send the patient for a CT scan, STL, or impression.
  2. Send the information into Ambridge Ceramics. Call us now and we will collect.
  3. We will design both the surgical guide and the screw-retained restoration.
  4. You check and adjust the design on Blue Sky Plan (we’ll show you how).
  5. Five days later you have a guide and restoration and/or healing abutment to fit on the day of surgery.

The Increasing Popularity of Dental Implants

As a dentist, you’re sure to know that there are trends in regards to which dental procedures are popular; these are often linked to what the top of the range treatment is at the time and the possible outcome for the patient. There’s always been a focus on achieving the perfect smile and having great teeth but in recent years this has become more evident than ever, causing many individuals to really consider which dental treatment will leave them with the very best smile. For many, the answer is dental implants ; click this link to use this information to give to your patients about their benefits.

Why Are Dental Implants The Gold Standard For Missing Teeth?

Dentures to replace missing teeth is a common procedure that many dentists discuss as the first option for missing teeth. However, the gold standard for reaplacing mssing teeth is dental implants which is the best long-term solution as high lighted by the Oral Health Foundation. Imagine you were talking to a member of your family – would you offer an impant retained denture first or a removable denture? When talking with your patients, offer them the best solution first explaining they are a fixed, long-term solution that look just like their natural teeth. No longer will they have to worry about covering their mouth when they smile, chewing whislt eating or removing them at night time. Their life will literally change for the better giving them the confidence they’ve always wanted.

Dental implants are created using strong, durable and resilient materials and this makes them a long-lasting solution. Plus, they look real and it’s hard to distinguish between real teeth and those that are implants; this wasn’t always the case.

Dental Implant Technology

The technology available to dentists now is impressive and it’s easier than ever to provide patients with the very best in professional dental care; this extends from offering quick and easy check ups to high quality dental implants. Technology allows you, as a dentist, to work together with a patient to create the ideal smile and both of you are able to give an input into what you feel looks best.

At Ambridge Ceramics we have a many years of experience in working with dental implants and we work with many different dentists, helping them to provide the highest quality of dental care to their patients. As we work across all platforms and manufacturers, our services are vast and we can work on the most complex of cases. For us, it’s about finding an effective solution in a cost effective way. Get in touch today on 01765 607 347 or online to find out more.


What Is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design is the latest in technological advances for the dental industry and it’s already helping dentists around the world to provide their patients with an extra level of care, confidence and professionalism when disucssing complex treatment plans such as Smile Make Overs with their patients.

Digital Smile Design - also known simply as DSD - involves a series of digital photographs taken of a patient’s teeth, face and smile then uses them to highlight the potential results a treatment can have. By using a patient’s very own teeth, smile, gums and lips, DSD helps dentists to achieve lifelike results. DSD takes into account a patient’s specific features to determine the aesthetic changes possible. These high quality images allow dentists and dental professionals to make changes visually to show to others when designing a smile or treatment. Not only does this highlight to a patient the potential changes that could be made, but it’s a great assistance tool for dentists who are keen to ensure they provide the most natural looking improvement they can.


The Benefits of DSD for Dentists and Dental Practices

One of DSD’s top benefits is the way that it connects with patients, allowing them to easily see what the end result of a treatment or procedure will look like. This is one of the best ways to boost confidence and it puts their minds at ease; It’s nerve wracking to have a big change cosmetically, but DSD images give a clear representation of what type of smile they can expect. However, some of the biggest benefits of using DSD are actually experienced by dentists themselves. For example:

When it comes to giving patients their new teeth and smile, it’s easy for dentists to imagine the end result. After all, with years of experience and an expert eye, dentists are able to asses a set of teeth and imagine how they will look after undergoing a specific treatment. However, this isn’t always the case for patients. After having the same set of teeth for many years, it can be a struggle for patients to picture what their mouth and smile will look like once they have undergone treatment. This is where DSD comes in. Dentists can use DSD as a point of reference.

DSD helps dentists to explain how a certain treatment will look once it has been completed to patients. It provides a digital image that clearly shows the type of results they can expect. Not only does this help an individual to know what changes will be made, but it’s a great way to create excitement in those who have been looking forward to improved teeth for many years.

Another way that DSD can benefit an individual dentist or an entire dental practice is through its ability to help dental professionals and patients to work together to create the perfect smile. It can be difficult for a patient to clearly convey what they’re looking to achieve, in the same way it can be difficult for a dentist to express the different treatment options. DSD solves this by allowing a patient to be the co-designer of their treatment. Dental professionals and patients can work together to create a desired look; this could be through sharing expectations and realistic goals.

Digital Smile Design: Find Out More

Digital Smile Design is already proving to be an effective tool for dentists and it's a prime example of how technology can go a long way towards improving the quality of dentist care available. To find out more about DSD, how it works and the benefits it has for dentists around the world get in touch. Contact Ambridge Ceramics today on 01765 607347 or online.







Dental Veneers explained

Everyone knows a smile is one of the most important elements of human face and with a smile, teeth, play the key role. Whether you have problems with your teeth or you simply strive for the perfect smile how do you know what your options are. So where do you start, there are a myriad of different treatments in today’s market all promising to present teeth in desired shape, colour and position. It’s not to understand the differences between them and which procedure is right for you. We recommend you speak with your Dentist, they will take into consideration the condition of your teeth, your desired result and the treatments available to you.

One popular treatments undergone by people around the world is dental veneers. As terminology can be alien and confusing it is not always clear what each treatment entails. In this article you can learn more about this procedure.

Dental Veneers:
Dental veneer is made using a porcelain or composite material and gives a treatment much more around the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, many view this procedure as a “smile makeover”. Imagine a veneer as a cover or shell for damaged teeth. Veneers were developed to improve the visual appearance of teeth or to save existing damaged teeth from further deterioration, however in recent years veneers have been placed over healthy teeth, which is not recommended due to the procedure. If you have small gaps or problems with tooth enamel or issues with your teeth surfaces then veneers are a good solution. It is important that if you are considering Dental veneer treatment it can be expensive but as if not more important it is irreversible as the teeth underneath the veneer is permanently altered to allow the veneers to be fit. On the other hand dental veneer treatment involves fewer sittings with dentist. Some of the major benefits of dental veneers are:

Although veneers are extremely wearable and generally secure they are non-repairable and some reports show that they can cause your existing teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold food. There are even chances for dental veneers to become loose, while in the case of dental implants they make a permanent immovable solution to teeth problems. Dental implant and Dental veneer procedures are meant for different purposes but looking at their usability and reliability, Dental implants are a better solution, both however are irreversible (although they can both be replaced) so need careful consideration and consultation with your Dentist.

Before and after results vary, here is an example of work provided by Ambridge Ceramics.

 Before                                         After

For more information or to find out which Dentists we provide services to, please contact us on: info@www.ambridgeceramics.co.uk or call 01765 607347

Dental implants

Everyone knows a smile is one of the most important elements of human face and with a smile, teeth, play the key role. Whether you have problems with your teeth or you simply strive for the perfect smile how do you know what your options are. So where do you start, there are a myriad of different treatments in today’s market all promising to present teeth in desired shape, colour and position. It’s not to understand the differences between them and which procedure is right for you. We recommend you speak with your Dentist, they will take into consideration the condition of your teeth, your desired result and the treatments available to you.

One popular treatments undergone by people around the world are dental implants. As terminology can be alien and confusing it is not always clear what each treatment entails. In this article let us discuss the procedure so you can understand what it is and what it entails.

Dental Implants:
Dental implants are usually made of titanium material, these are the closest replacement for a missing natural tooth. Generally an implant would be the right solution in cases where a patient has overall good dental health but due to an accident, decay, root canal problems or trauma has resulted in the loss of a tooth or teeth. The process of implants can be lengthy, treatment comprises generally of two stages one in which root form (often called an abutment) is placed in the jaw by doing some minor surgery and the next stage is where an artificial tooth or teeth is placed on the new root form. The treatment might take many sittings and many hours with your dentist. Continued oral hygiene is still required and still of major importance Implants are extremely popular due to the major benefits:

For more information or to find out which Dentists we provide services to, please contact us on: info@www.ambridgeceramics.co.uk or call 01765 607347


Ambridge Ceramics seals 1st place

Ambridge Ceramics are delighted to announce that we are the 1st and the only UK authorised manufacturer of surgical guides for Blue Sky Bio. We have invested in this digital process to provide Dentists and patients with a simpler, faster and more economical dental process to encourage improved patient experience. Our new 3D printing capability completes the process to provide Dentists with a complete end to end solution that can be adopted under one workflow. By simply engaging Ambridge Ceramics we can assist with the whole process.

Digital surgical guides can be completely designed in the Blue Sky Plan Software and then sent directly to our 3D printer for printing. Guides can be fabricated for all implant systems and all guided surgical kits, hence there is no need for Dentists to change their system.  Blue Sky Plan® is a free, feature rich, treatment planning software for surgical implant planning and computer guided surgery, so no upfront expense is incurred. The program is downloadable for PC and MAC and is proven to be a comprehensive and robust system which is adopted by Dental implantologists all around the world.

Ambridge Ceramics has chosen to work exclusively with 360 visualise for the digital imaging element of the process, should Dentists not wish to make the investment in the imaging machinery they can refer patients to the 360 Visualise digital imaging centres. The scan is completed on site at a 360 Visualise centre simply by positioning the patient in an upright position while the machine spins 360 degrees around their head, it is pain less, safe and non-invasive. The benefits for the Dentist and patient of 3D digital imaging are vast including; to visualise internal anatomy that cannot be diagnosed externally, planning treatment and surgery, assessing risks and preparing the necessary guides, it all results in a faster, safer dental procedure.

Ambridge Ceramics facilitate the designing and 3D printing of these surgical guides giving the Dentist a one stop process for delivering accurate and precise surgical guides, saving time and money.

About Ambridge Ceramics

Ambridge Ceramics established in 1986 is a well-known and highly regarded leading cosmetic and implant dental laboratory based in North Yorkshire in the UK. They only invest in the finest skills and experience within the industry, providing the best quality for successful dentist and patient outcomes. Their dental technicians are time-served for delivering restorations crafted with a combination of scientific expertise and artistic care. Offering a range of products including: crown, bridge and implant services from single unit restorations through to more complex case planning with diagnostic assessments and highly personal and technical implant restorations. For more information on products and services go to: http://ambridgeceramics.co.uk/products/

About Blue Sky

Blue Sky Bio, LLC was founded fifteen years ago by practitioners, engineers and designers to create top quality, compatible implants and accessories at a reasonable cost. Today, their mission remains the same. They are not however just implant manufacturers; they also pride themselves on being innovators. Their implant lines boast a number of new design innovations which simplify implant placement and restoration while adding levels of safety, success, and reliability for Dentists and patients around the globe. In 2009 Blue Sky Bio made a commitment to, and invested in, the future of dentistry with Blue Sky Plan® the treatment planning and guided surgery software, and offering it to users at no cost.  Blue Sky Plan is available in seven languages and is used by thousands of dentists, in more than 70 countries throughout the world.  The free App, was also developed for both Mac and PC to help dentists present and explain dental procedures to patients which in turn provides an increased positive patient experience and outcome.

About 360 Visualise

360 Visualise are based in Ilkley and are the UK's experts in Dental imaging, X-ray & CBCT. They operate CBCT scanning centres around the UK and sell dental imaging equipment. 360 Visualise also host a series of CBCT courses.

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