Spotlight on Ollie Ambridge

Originally posted - 20 March 2018

Ollie studied to become an RDT at Leeds Dental Institute graduating in 2015.  Currently the services Ambridge Ceramics provides are 50% digital and 50% analogue. Within 10 years, Oliver sees this changing to 90% digital and only 10% analogue because of the benefits it brings to both patient and dentist in terms of the final aesthetics, fit and speed of turn around.

Moving to wards the digital workflow

Oliver says, ‘‘the team at Ambridge Ceramics are highly skilled traditional technicians first, but we’ve branched out to the digital work flow by continually going on training courses and working closely with the leading digital lab companies’’. He goes on to say that ‘’3D milling will continue to grow and will require the team to be highly skilled in digital software to ensure our dentists patients get something that is fully functional, aesthetic and achievable’’.

Supporting dentists in their move towards digital

In terms of the future, Oliver wants to continue to help the market switch over to the digital workflow by supporting dentists in individual patient cases and continually to educate them in the changes in the market and ways of working. He understand that this is a real challenge for busy dentists, so wants to make it easier for them to learn through online courses and lectures Ambridge Ceramics put on.