As a centre for digital dentistry in the UK we are proud to be an iTero digital impression laboratory. iTero impression free digital dentistry allows your patients to have their cases restored without the need for impressions.

The problem with traditional impressions

  • Unpleasant
  • Inaccurate
  • Inconsistent
  • Inconvenient
  • Inefficient

Do The Math

To understand the full cost of impression-taking, we must first factor in chairtime. If we estimate that cord or retraction paste placement and setup take five minutes each, allow one minute each for mixing time and syringing/seating the tray, another five minutes for setting time, and a final minute for evaluation, we can see that the chairtime adds up to 18 minutes for an impression. If you aim for £1,925 of production in an eight-hour day, that means your time works out to a value of £4.01 per minute. Therefore, your cost per impression in time alone is £72.24. Add in the actual material cost of around £5.39, and you see the real cost of an impression is £77.63

Based on survey data from the ADA, we can estimate that the average dental practice takes 384 impressions per year -- loosely estimated at 360 crowns, 12 full or partial dentures, and 12 inlay or onlay restorations. If you are taking 384 impressions per year at a real cost of £77 each, that means impressioning costs you around £29,578 annually.

When you remove an impression tray from a patient's mouth and see that it needs to be retaken, you may initially not think much beyond the momentary hassle. But the truth is, every retake costs you money.