TWiNY Flow is a flowable type composite resin which is not only for internal use but can also be used for the posteriors. Even though it is a flowable type, it exhibits 200MPa flexural strength and high impact resistance.

This flowable type is designed in the same colour tones as basic TWiNY products. There are four basic shades for Cervical, five Effect shades for characterization and Transparent layering. There are also eight Translucent shades and seven Gum shades for color adjustment. Although TWiNY Flow has optimal flowability, the consistency is optimally set so as to avoid unnecessary spillage or splashing. As the nozzle is designed with a 0.7mm opening, it is suitable for direct application. This property makes it possible to express delicate colour tones for reproducing natural tooth appearance.

TWiNY Flow Application Examples

TWiNY Flow is useful for the cases listed below. However, since this product was mainly designed for color tone adjustment, please use TWiNY Opaque, Dentine and Enamel for basic applications.



Inlay cavity

Inlay cavity bottom

Pit and fissure

Color adjustment of pit and fissure

Cusp marginal area

Color adjustment of cusp marginal area

White Band

White Band Application for Facing Crown

Mamelon Structures

Transparency expressions of mamelon structures


Color adjustment of gingival area

Other Cases

Repairing air bubbles.

Pouring in pontic area