ENA HRi nano-hybrid composite produces incredibly natural looking composite restorations. Only ENA HRi matches a natural tooth's optical properties to produce invisible restorations with invisible margins. Conceived and developed by the renowned Dr. Lorenzo Vanini, it is now used by leading clinicians world-wide and is the ultimate choice for the discriminating clinician.

The ENA HRi difference!

ENA HRi enamel composite refracts light like human enamel. This development creates invisible margins without the need to compensate by increasing bevels and increasing the thickness of dentin composite.

ENA HRi is the only composite material that has the same refractive index as natural enamel.

HRi enamel is more like human enamel.

A thicker HRi enamel increases the opalescent effect

Just like human enamel, thicker layers of HRi increase in opalescence. This allows you to restore missing enamel by simply replacing it with an equal amount of HRi - with no visible margins, no need for significant bevels, and no graying effect.

Only 3 Shades of Enamel

The HRi system contains only 3 enamel shades, and these are related to the patient's age group. Young enamel is very bright [high value]. As patients approach middle age, this value decreases. The process continues as patients reach their senior years.

Low value enamel Medium value enamel High value enamel
Older patients Middle aged patients Younger patients


HRi dentin - Just like human dentin...

HRi has a fluorescent dentin

HRi dentin shades are highly fluorescent and designed to work with HRi enamel shades for desired results. One or two dentin shades are all that is needed to get the desire results. In nature, the dentin mass transmits its hue and chroma through an enamel mass, which completely surrounds the underlying dentin. This is exactly how a tooth is restored with HRi.

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