Dental Veneers explained

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Everyone knows a smile is one of the most important elements of human face and with a smile, teeth, play the key role. Whether you have problems with your teeth or you simply strive for the perfect smile how do you know what your options are. So where do you start, there are a myriad of different treatments in today’s market all promising to present teeth in desired shape, colour and position. It’s not to understand the differences between them and which procedure is right for you. We recommend you speak with your Dentist, they will take into consideration the condition of your teeth, your desired result and the treatments available to you.

One popular treatments undergone by people around the world is dental veneers. As terminology can be alien and confusing it is not always clear what each treatment entails. In this article you can learn more about this procedure.

Dental Veneers:
Dental veneer is made using a porcelain or composite material and gives a treatment much more around the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, many view this procedure as a “smile makeover”. Imagine a veneer as a cover or shell for damaged teeth. Veneers were developed to improve the visual appearance of teeth or to save existing damaged teeth from further deterioration, however in recent years veneers have been placed over healthy teeth, which is not recommended due to the procedure. If you have small gaps or problems with tooth enamel or issues with your teeth surfaces then veneers are a good solution. It is important that if you are considering Dental veneer treatment it can be expensive but as if not more important it is irreversible as the teeth underneath the veneer is permanently altered to allow the veneers to be fit. On the other hand dental veneer treatment involves fewer sittings with dentist. Some of the major benefits of dental veneers are:

  • Less time in the Dentist chair and fewer visits
  • There is less preparation as it doesn’t involve high amounts of tooth reduction during the procedure.
  • Dental veneers are great option for people with fragmented teeth, rough teeth positioning and teeth with cracks.
  • Dental veneers can be matched to the appropriate shade to match skin tone and eye whites as they are available in different shades. As they are a complete covering of top/bottom teeth you can choose a lighter shade than your natural teeth if you so wish.

Although veneers are extremely wearable and generally secure they are non-repairable and some reports show that they can cause your existing teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold food. There are even chances for dental veneers to become loose, while in the case of dental implants they make a permanent immovable solution to teeth problems. Dental implant and Dental veneer procedures are meant for different purposes but looking at their usability and reliability, Dental implants are a better solution, both however are irreversible (although they can both be replaced) so need careful consideration and consultation with your Dentist.

Before and after results vary, here is an example of work provided by Ambridge Ceramics.

 Before                                         After


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Dental implants

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Everyone knows a smile is one of the most important elements of human face and with a smile, teeth, play the key role. Whether you have problems with your teeth or you simply strive for the perfect smile how do you know what your options are. So where do you start, there are a myriad of different treatments in today’s market all promising to present teeth in desired shape, colour and position. It’s not to understand the differences between them and which procedure is right for you. We recommend you speak with your Dentist, they will take into consideration the condition of your teeth, your desired result and the treatments available to you.

One popular treatments undergone by people around the world are dental implants. As terminology can be alien and confusing it is not always clear what each treatment entails. In this article let us discuss the procedure so you can understand what it is and what it entails.

Dental Implants:
Dental implants are usually made of titanium material, these are the closest replacement for a missing natural tooth. Generally an implant would be the right solution in cases where a patient has overall good dental health but due to an accident, decay, root canal problems or trauma has resulted in the loss of a tooth or teeth. The process of implants can be lengthy, treatment comprises generally of two stages one in which root form (often called an abutment) is placed in the jaw by doing some minor surgery and the next stage is where an artificial tooth or teeth is placed on the new root form. The treatment might take many sittings and many hours with your dentist. Continued oral hygiene is still required and still of major importance Implants are extremely popular due to the major benefits:

  • Unlike previously traditional “dentures” having a dental implant is fixed in the jaw in a way that it functions just like a normal tooth. They can be undertaken for single tooth or multiple teeth and the results are often unnoticeably different from the natural teeth.
  • Dental implants are fixed in the jaw which helps to keep bones intact and thereby jaw bones healthier and less chance of becoming shrunken and disappearing over a period of time.
  • The way in which Dental implants are fixed they can share the load across adjoining teeth therefore avoiding wear and tear to teeth on either side of the implant/s.
  • As Dental implants are a permanent fixed solution for missing teeth, they relieve the patient from pains of removing, cleaning and maintaining the health of removable dentures.
  • Dental implants take away the everyday worry of loose removable Dentures and the security of available fixing agents
  • Dental implants support other dental prostheses together with bridges, dentures and crowns.

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Ambridge Ceramics seals 1st place

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Ambridge Ceramics are delighted to announce that we are the 1st and the only UK authorised manufacturer of surgical guides for Blue Sky Bio. We have invested in this digital process to provide Dentists and patients with a simpler, faster and more economical dental process to encourage improved patient experience. Our new 3D printing capability completes the process to provide Dentists with a complete end to end solution that can be adopted under one workflow. By simply engaging Ambridge Ceramics we can assist with the whole process.

Digital surgical guides can be completely designed in the Blue Sky Plan Software and then sent directly to our 3D printer for printing. Guides can be fabricated for all implant systems and all guided surgical kits, hence there is no need for Dentists to change their system.  Blue Sky Plan® is a free, feature rich, treatment planning software for surgical implant planning and computer guided surgery, so no upfront expense is incurred. The program is downloadable for PC and MAC and is proven to be a comprehensive and robust system which is adopted by Dental implantologists all around the world.

Ambridge Ceramics has chosen to work exclusively with 360 visualise for the digital imaging element of the process, should Dentists not wish to make the investment in the imaging machinery they can refer patients to the 360 Visualise digital imaging centres. The scan is completed on site at a 360 Visualise centre simply by positioning the patient in an upright position while the machine spins 360 degrees around their head, it is pain less, safe and non-invasive. The benefits for the Dentist and patient of 3D digital imaging are vast including; to visualise internal anatomy that cannot be diagnosed externally, planning treatment and surgery, assessing risks and preparing the necessary guides, it all results in a faster, safer dental procedure.

Ambridge Ceramics facilitate the designing and 3D printing of these surgical guides giving the Dentist a one stop process for delivering accurate and precise surgical guides, saving time and money.

About Ambridge Ceramics

Ambridge Ceramics established in 1986 is a well-known and highly regarded leading cosmetic and implant dental laboratory based in North Yorkshire in the UK. They only invest in the finest skills and experience within the industry, providing the best quality for successful dentist and patient outcomes. Their dental technicians are time-served for delivering restorations crafted with a combination of scientific expertise and artistic care. Offering a range of products including: crown, bridge and implant services from single unit restorations through to more complex case planning with diagnostic assessments and highly personal and technical implant restorations. For more information on products and services go to:

About Blue Sky

Blue Sky Bio, LLC was founded fifteen years ago by practitioners, engineers and designers to create top quality, compatible implants and accessories at a reasonable cost. Today, their mission remains the same. They are not however just implant manufacturers; they also pride themselves on being innovators. Their implant lines boast a number of new design innovations which simplify implant placement and restoration while adding levels of safety, success, and reliability for Dentists and patients around the globe. In 2009 Blue Sky Bio made a commitment to, and invested in, the future of dentistry with Blue Sky Plan® the treatment planning and guided surgery software, and offering it to users at no cost.  Blue Sky Plan is available in seven languages and is used by thousands of dentists, in more than 70 countries throughout the world.  The free App, was also developed for both Mac and PC to help dentists present and explain dental procedures to patients which in turn provides an increased positive patient experience and outcome.

About 360 Visualise

360 Visualise are based in Ilkley and are the UK’s experts in Dental imaging, X-ray & CBCT. They operate CBCT scanning centres around the UK and sell dental imaging equipment. 360 Visualise also host a series of CBCT courses.

 Blue sky imageBlue sky 2



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October newsletter

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Newsletter Oct 15

The top 5 reasons why people choose Cosmetic Dentistry

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A survey conducted back in 2011 by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry was conducted to find out some of the top reasons why people choose cosmetic dentistry services. Many cosmetic dentists across the US participated in the survey so we can catch a glimpse of why choosing cosmetic dentistry might be right for you, too!

The results below haven’t changed since 2011 and are the same for patients all around the world..

The main reasons why people choose cosmetic dentistry:

  1. To improve their health.Studies have proved that decayed and badly cared for teeth and gums can wreak havoc on your overall health. As example, there are strong correlations between periodontal disease and several types of serious health conditions (i.e. diabetes, stroke, heart attack, respiratory disease, premature birth, digestive disorders, and pancreatic cancer). To have healthy teeth and gums, and therefore improved overall health is a must so many patients visit their Dentist to seek a referral or help cosmetically in order to restore their smiles, healthy smiles are important to overall health.
  2. To raise their self-esteem.Having a beautiful healthy smile must make you feel amazing right? The survey certainly agrees, it say that a great majority of patients opt for cosmetic dentistry services to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. A gorgeous smile with healthy perfect teeth goes a long way to restoring confidence..
  3. To improve their appearance. A smile filled with straight, white teeth can definitely be obtained by choosing the right type of cosmetic dentistry service/s. A beautiful healthy set of teeth can certainly improve appearance.
  4. To increase their professional success.Many people choose cosmetic dentistry to improve or increase their professional success. A great looking smile and improved confidence can be sure to increase self esteem, thereby giving you the confidence you need to land that job or get that promotion. It’s amazing what a great smile can do for your professional success.
  5. To improve their relationships.Many patients say how amazing it is that a great looking smile can improve your personal relationships. If your self-esteem and confidence are improved then this gives you that extra boost and can help you to feel comfortable at social gatherings or in personal situations. No longer do patients have to feel uptight and self-conscious about their unattractive smiles when taking pictures or talking with other people; cosmetic dentistry can improve relationships.

You may have your own reasons for seeking out cosmetic dentistry services above and beyond what is portrayed in this list– every patient is different.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dental Services our partners and ourselves offer, all you have to do is contact us on 01765 607347 or Is it time to finally obtain that dream smile you’ve been wanting all these years?

An evening with Dr. Craig Parker discussing the Future of Digital Dentistry

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The evening was very aptly named The future of Digital Dentistry which covered “Tomorrows World Today in Dentistry’

The event was hosted by the BDA in the appropriate an equally futuristic venue, The Sky Lounge, 13th floor, Hilton Hotel, Leeds and delivered by the experienced and knowledgeable Dr. Craig Parker (BChD MFGDP(UK) DPDS PG cert)

Craig gave a visionary lecture on how he sees the future of Dentistry and the technological advancements, here and now, those just around the corner and what to expect in the medium term. He talked through the abilities of new technologies and game changers such as Intra-Oral cameras which are, even now replacing traditional impression taking methods, low dose 3D X-Ray or CBCT giving full insight into the hard and soft tissues. Looking at both 3D planning & 3D printing allowing both virtual and physical prototypes of proposed dental reconstructions.

He continued to give his valued opinions on the correlation of all these systems and how they will ensure more accurate and predictable dentistry, which in turn will improve the patients experience and create a ‘better, faster and more cost efficient’ outcome.

We at Ambridge Ceramics are already embracing the new advancements discussed and work closely with many of the technologies in Craig’s lecture, it was great to hear his opinions on the affect these will have on Dentistry as a whole.

The evening was well hosted, in a great location, very informative and was well worth attending.

What does a Dental Ceramist do?

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What is a Dental Ceramist

There are many departments within a Dental laboratory all are intrinsic to the perfect end result. One of the artistic and skilled job roles is a Dental Ceramist, which is the final part of the process of making a tooth or teeth. The Dental Ceramist is a highly skilled dental technician who uses state of the art dental materials made from scientifically engineered dental ceramics to restore any teeth that are damaged, discoloured or missing.

Why Haven’t I Heard Of This Type Of Dental Technician?

Due to the nature of their work, dental ceramists are based within a dental laboratory rather than a dental clinic. This is why many patients never meet or interact with this member of the dental team, even though the dental ceramist is key to creating the most natural, most desirable results in any laboratory custom made dental restoration.

 Why Ambridge Ceramics are different

To create your smile and restore your confidence, our ceramists knows that they must truly understand exactly what you want to achieve with your dental restoration. Before your treatment begins, they can meet with you and your dentist to discuss your personal needs and aspirations. Thereafter, they will continue to work with you throughout each stage of your restoration, attending key appointments to work side-by-side with your Dentist.

 Mark Ambridge senior Ceramist and owner of Ambridge Ceramics


For more information around how Ambridge Ceramics can help you achieve the perfect smile or how to work with us call 01765 607347 or email

How to get the best smile with Smile Consultations

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Smile Consultations

As Dental Technicians we are often asked what happens at a Smile Consultation and what the benefits are, so this short article should help explain.

As generally the work you would like to have done is more cosmetic i.e. you don’t need a filling, the first things you should do is choose a Dentist who is experienced and has proven skills in Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry is very specialist and it is important you choose one who you feel comfortable with and who listens to what you want. If you are not sure how you find one you could consider looking on which is the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, there is a “find a cosmetic Dentist” section.

The first priority when you meet your Cosmetic Dentist should be to sit down and discuss all of your concerns, ideas, needs and desires and for the Dentist to make sure that they understand your expectations regarding the look of your smile.

Taking time to listen to all your questions is paramount to the end result meeting your expectations. Your Dentist should then explain everything to you giving you all your available options and confirming these options with pictures of the sort of outcome you can expect potentially using digital smile design (DSD). DSD can really help you to visualise your face, your mouth and lips with a new smile which has been mocked up digitally for you to view. If your dentist doesn’t offer DSD they should at least have before and after pictures of patients they have worked with previously, this is a great way to see the real results and the Dentists quality of work.

Once you had time to consider the options and determined the right procedure for you, you should make a 2nd appointment with your Dentist. At this appointment your Dentist will generally take x-rays and photographs and again confirm they can perform your chosen procedure. During or after this appointment it is important that you meet your ceramist, the person who is making your new crowns, implants or veneers, if your dentist doesnt suggest this meeting, ask them to facilitate it as this is a very important step. Meeting your Ceramist will provide the best possible chance of the results you desire, as they are the skilled artists who mould, shape, colour and polish your teeth to match your desired smile.

The 3rd visit to your Dentist is generally for the procedure/s you have chosen and this is when the Dentist prepares your teeth for the procedure and in some cases completes the work.

Smile consultations are usually free and with no obligation but do check with your Dentist before booking an appointment, it’s the only way to find out the possibilities available to you for your perfect smile and it provides you with options and a much better idea of the potential results.

If you would like to understand more about what a Dental laboratory does like Ambridge Ceramics then please feel free to call us on 01765 607347 or if you would like us to make your teeth feel free to ask your Dentist.

Dental work, nothing to fear..

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Many men and women in the UK live with dental problems such as cracked, yellow, worn, chipped or damaged teeth. Many report it negatively affects their life and demises their confidence, so why are people not doing something about it? Is it really about the cost? Or maybe fear, pain or change? If this sounds familiar to you, then you know that sometimes a perfect smile seems like a distant dream.

Dentistry has moved on in leaps and bounds in the past few years and most dentists have vast experience in delivering patient solutions to combat the challenges. Most Dentists offer payment plans to deal with financial issues, sedation to combat fear and pain and even work with other professionals such as NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners to overcome anxiety and fear.

A joined up approach to Dentistry for an improved patient experience

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Mark Ambridge: Dental expert discusses ways in which Dental surgeons can get the best from the dental laboratory.

Getting the most from your laboratory & creating a great first impression!

Article agenda:

  1. Information overload
    2. Impression taking
    3. Diagnostics
    4. Try-in
    5. Feedback
    6. Work protocol

Information Overload.

Like most things in life you get out what you put in, if you take the time to give as much information as possible along with images then this is going to gain the best results for the patient. You can never give the technician enough information don’t forget you have met, and know the patient, you can see the way they talk, smile and visually look and conduct themselves. The technician usually has not met the patient unless we have conducted a smile consultation either at our lab or at the Dentists practice.

Take time to understand the patients’ expectations & what they really want to achieve and what the ideal scenario would “look like” to the patient. Patient consultation around why and what they want to achieve vs the right individual solution for them is critical in order to map and then set their expectation.

Consider sending pre-op and provisional images, full-face smiling, close ups with cheeks retracted, profiles, in fact as many images as you can from every angle.

Complete the lab card fully, i.e. age, sex and finer details of the patient is very important to the way we style the finished product.

Consider a meeting between the patient and your technician, if at all possible, it can make a real difference to the outcome, it also gives the patient a feeling of a joined up approach and an end to end solution. Patients often feel the importance of meeting their Technician and can have a tendency to be more open and honest to the person in the ‘back room’.

We can also look at combining other procedures such as teeth bleaching, implants and additional veneers, crowns etc. procedures that will improve the overall restorative results.