Mark Ambridge

Owner & Founder

Registered DCP
GDC No.140628
Director and Senior ceramist
Qualified Leeds 1984

Holds advanced certificates in:
Crown & Bridge and Orthodontics

Further certification held in:
HFO composite restorations
Emax ceram all systems
Noritake Super Ceramic all systems

Expert with great experience in:
Smile Makeovers, Implant Restorations & Composite Restorations.

Over the last 25 years I have pursued my passion for dental technology, developing new skills with each new innovation or technical leap as they became available. Working with similarly focused and enthusiastic surgeons we have built a successful specialist cosmetic implant laboratory with an emphasis on natural aesthetics and with a team focused on achieving the best possible results, through this ethos we have gained a reputation for dependability and excellence.

I write a series of articles for Dentinal Tubules. Through these I hope to further narrow the communication ‘gap’ that exists between surgery and laboratory, and with so many informational sharing options now available such as; e-mail, Skype, digital media etc. there really is no reason why the laboratory can’t virtually meet every single patient. To this end I hope to be able to show a host of time saving, quality improving techniques to further raise the quality of dental restorative work done in what can only be described as a ‘new age’ of dental technology. Because let’s face it, time IS the most precious of all the commodities we have, so wasting it is now easily avoidable.